Submission Guidelines

Do you have personal experiences of corruption, big or small, that you would like to share in support of Freedom of Information? Please send them to

1. Please provide your full name. We will keep your name and email address absolutely confidential, unless you specifically request that we publish it.

2. Refer to previous posts for ideal length. We hope to keep reading time to less than 5 minutes per post. We reserve the right to edit overly long posts to fit.

3. For legal reasons, if your submission contains a statement of fact that harms the reputation of a person, please do not name that person. Also, please do not include descriptions from which the identity of that person may be reasonably inferred (i.e., "the person living in Malacanang"). However, you are free to name persons you are expressing negative opinions about. The difference lies in statements of fact (i.e., "he asked for a bribe") versus statements of opinion (i.e., "his behavior makes me sick"). If in doubt, send it anyway and we will email you back with our proposed edit.

Thank you in advance. Everyone knows of the problem, but few have direct experience of it. Your personal accounts provide that missing dimension.

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